Homeworkify We Are Not Going to Stop

Jun 28, 2024

Stand Strong with Homeworkify

Dear Homeworkify Community,

First of all, please accept my apologies for Homeworkify not working properly for the last few months. We’re facing trials by big names in this field, who are robbing students in the name of education. We have had most of our websites removed by Google, and our tool disabled. But we are not going to stop. We’ll keep our promise of free and open access to knowledge for all.

A Shared Commitment

Homeworkify was created with a vision: to provide every student with the tools they need to succeed, without the burden of expensive subscriptions. We understand the frustration and disappointment many of you have felt as our services have faltered. Your academic journey is important to us, and we are determined to continue supporting you.

Facing the Giants

Competing against industry giants like Chegg, with their extensive resources and influence, has been a significant challenge. Despite these setbacks, our resolve remains unshaken. We are committed to rising stronger and better equipped to serve your educational needs.

homeworkify vs chegg

Homeworkify not working

So, this may be one of the recent reasons homeworkify is not working properly. Actually if you all don’t know we’re under attack by google and chegg, and that’s why our search engine is not working properly.

But nothing to worry about, we still stand with our students and we’re working out new plan to overcome this problem.

For the time we come out with our new updates, you can send your questions or queries to our instagram DM, and our team will help you.

Find our more about plan chernobyl here


Homeworkify not working properly.

Introducing Plan chernobyl

Reimagining Homeworkify

This July marks the beginning of a new era for Homeworkify. We are transforming our platform to match the best, like Chegg, while ensuring it remains free for all students. This transformation is a substantial undertaking, but with your support, we are confident we can achieve it.

Join Us in Shaping the Future:
Together, we can transform Homeworkify into the ultimate free educational resource. Your participation, suggestions, and donations are vital in this journey. Let’s turn this setback into a comeback, making Homeworkify stronger and more resilient than ever.

Stay Connected with Us

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Strength and Resilience

The Reality of Ads and the Power of Donations

You may have noticed an increase in advertisements on our site. These ads are essential for funding our operations during this challenging period. However, we understand they can be intrusive. To expedite our upgrades and minimize ad reliance, we are asking for your support. Donations, no matter the size, will directly contribute to enhancing Homeworkify, reducing ads, and delivering a better user experience sooner.


How to Donate and Give Feedback:

Donate us by subscribing our Patreon page

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Thank you for your patience, understanding, and unwavering support. Together, we will continue to make Homeworkify the best free educational resource available.



The Homeworkify Team